[LH3548] Saveas <filename> incorrect

I found this error in the current version not the beta, but my guess is that it is also in the beta …

  • I had a project folder called “book series”
  • this folder had been taken over by the beta
  • i deleted the entire project folder
  • i opened the non-beta backup project “book series backup” in the non-beta application
  • i used “save as” to create “book series” as the project name again in the same location as I deleted the beta version of the project by the same name
  • the new project folder appeared with the correct project name ( “book series” )
  • BUT when I go inside that folder, the project file is still called “book series backup.scrivx” instead of just “book series.scrivx”

In other words, the project folder and main project file name are not matching.

UPDATE: interestingly, I created a backup copy of the main project file ( with a different name ) in the same location in the parent project folder, then modified one copy to be the name I wanted ( matching the project folder name ), so there were now 2 project files with similar but different names … and then when I did another save as, it saved a new project with 2 main project files … but you can delete one ( i only made the backup copy just in case I got into trouble ), and the project still works having fixed the naming issue manually … so whatever the problem is, it’s clearly not a lethal problem.

This isn’t a bug. It’s just the way the current version works.The beta works the same way too.

If you had double-clicked on the project file “book series backup.scrivx”, prior to opening your project, Scrivener would have renamed it to match the folder name “book series” and everything would have been fine.

You can test this. Let’s say you have a project called MyGreatNovel. 1) Rename the project folder to MyGreatNovelTEST. 2) Open folder MyGreatNovelTEST, and inside is your project file MyGreatNovel.scrivx. 3) Double-click on MyGreatNovel.scrivx, and Scrivener will rename it to MyGreatNovelTEST.scrivx, and then open the project.

I don’t think you read what I wrote correctly ( based on your response ), and yes it is a bug, and your “try this” does not in any way contradict what I am saying.

Hi galacticpresident,

That is certainly possible.

My one sentence summation of your perceived bug is: “Scrivener’s Save As created a .scivx project name that is different from the containing .scriv folder name.”

If that is incorrect, perhaps you could summarize what the bug is. If I misunderstood your post, it is possible that L&L will similarly misunderstand.


I explained it properly the first time, I don’t have to waste for your understanding if you didn’t get the first explanation and cannot see the problem

This has been filed.