[LH3549] Automatically Detect Document Links


I run a table-top role playing game where I build a world/story and keep my running game notes. I tried a LOT of various programs and tools before starting my new game. Scrivener worked great and I bought a copy a month or so ago. As I use Windows, I have been running various versions of the beta client. Currently at “Version: Beta (513567) 64-bit - 29 Mar 2019”.

I’ve been quite happy with it so far… but there is one feature that I can’t find: “Automatic Document Link detection”. From my reading this feature should exist? My game literally has entire towns of full of Characters, Stores, Items, Monsters, etc… and I would love to have automatic document links based on the Title or Name of the Document. Manually linking is quite tedious with so many references and I would like to avoid it. This one feature would take the awesomeness of Scrivener up to 11.

How do I enable this? I looked all over the Beta version settings and I simply don’t see the option for it…? Am I overlooking it?

Thank you for the help!

This is a a feature that has not yet been implemented in the Windows Beta. But thank you for drawing our attention to it! I’ll make a note to make sure it isn’t overlooked.

Nice! I look forward to the implementation. :smiley:

Thank you!

This has been filed.