[LH3556] Beta 17: Project Bookmarks No Longer Move

In past betas, dragging and dropping project bookmarks within the project bookmarks list in the inspector allowed us to group and organize them. Now dragging and dropping them within the list creates a link where they are dropped.

If a document is already on the project bookmarks list, having a second link there only creates confusion and clutter. I don’t know if the change in behavior was intended, but dropping the document to a new location on the list is much more helpful than having a link in addition to the document.


The developers have this on the fix list.They’ve been adding capabilities to the Bookmarks drop handler in recent betas, and may have impeded some bookmark-to-bookmark operations in the process.

[LH3556] Issue with Project Bookmarks in Beta 16

Cheers – Jerome

Yep, this has been filed. Thanks!