[LH3556] Issue with Project Bookmarks in Beta 16

Now starring in a thread of its own: (I posted this on another thread and got gently reminded that the rule is “One bug, one thread” - which makes perfect sense to me.)

Here is another small bug that I think I have found. Alternatively something has changed since I last tried to do this.

I have a project related to my website. Every month I remove an item (the folder named for last month) from the Project Bookmarks and add a new one (the folder for next month). I then rearrange them so that the List goes from something like: April, Essay, Notes, May to the more convenient April, May, Essays, Notes

In beta 16 I cannot find any way to rearrange the Bookmarks anymore. Dragging seems to create a new (duplicate) bookmark instead. This month I went into the project on my iPad to reorder them.

Is this a bug, have the controls changed, or am I doing something wrong? Or have I somehow forgotten what I have been doing for the last few months?

Yep, I had a similar issue on dragging internal bookmarks between inspector controls. So it appears they can’t be successfully dragged at all. This bug is new to Beta 16.

Note that dragging and dropping a single internal bookmark doesn’t actually create a duplicate; it creates a null bookmark with the same title as the one dragged.

Dragging Bookmarks to other bookmark sets not functioning

Rgds - Jerome