[LH3557|Suggestion] : Page View

Scrivener Beta Version:
Windows 10

  1. Press Page View Icon
  2. Enter Scrivenings Mode
  3. Exit Scrivenings Mode
  4. When Scrivener automatically returns to Page View the right outline of the page disappears and a white square appears in the bottom right corner.

Hope this is clear enough. If not, I attached screenshots of the steps above.

Thanks for making Scrivener so awesome! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Side Notes:

  1. In Page View would it be possible to add a small margin (padding) to the top of the page so it doesn’t feel so cramped?
  2. Can the outline color be changed to something more subtle? In the image below, I changed it to the same color as the scrollbar.

This bug has been filed and this thread marked for us to look at regarding its other suggestions.