[LH3575] Paragraph breaks not working as expected

Using the latest version, I opened a project from 1.9x. There is an extra line after a paragraph when editing. I cannot remove it. If I change line spacing to two lines, extra lines are added between paragraphs.

Ditto. Old Version 1.9 had better Spacing menu which achieved better result:
Scrivener 1.9 Spacing.jpg
I specified double-spacing of lines, but got no extra line between paragraphs.
This may not be what actually makes it work right, but it’s the closest formatting choice I could find, whereas I could find nothing comparable in the Beta.

I think they mentioned that spacing and line spacing is being worked on, still?

Yep, as far as I’m aware this is still being worked on as of Beta 16, per this post: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh3575-space-between-paragraphs/43887/1

This has been filed and I have updated the title with the ticket number.