[LH3576] : Create new folder when binder is hoisted

I think this must be a bug. When you “hoist” the binder so you’re focused on just one piece of the outline and then add a new folder, that folder gets added to the root of the binder, so you can’t see it. To reproduce:

  1. Select a section and pick View > Outline > Hoist Binder
  2. In the binder area, right-click > Add > New Folder. Nothing appears to happen.
  3. Unhoise the binder and you’'ll find your new folder Untitled at the root of the binder.

Same thing happens with Add > New Text

All these options should respect the hoisting and create within that area.


No problem with Scrivener 3 on Mac. The folder/doc is created where it should.


Bigger on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FQSvrVCcHw

This has been filed. In the meantime you can get around this by making sure the last document/folder is selected in the binder and either right-clicking directly on it to access the contextual menu or clicking on the ‘+’ button in the toolbar.