[LH3584] Editor titles disappearing (, 64-bit)

I have a number of documents at the start of a chapter that are “Chapter <$n>: Some Witty Title”. The editor title is blank, and it usually defaults to the line of text in the file. If I close Scrivener, and open it again, they’ll all be listed as “untitled document” until I select that chapter again. (Scrivening mode, regular, doesn’t matter. It’ll behave the same, regardless of the view.)

I’m not running out of RAM: I’ve got a good 5.5-6GB free. Is this intended behavior, or a bug?

Also, is there a way to auto-populate cards from the text, like there was in 1.9?

Hi garpu,

This has been filed. Scrivener 3 auto-creates titles, pulling from either the synopsis (if there is one) or the main text. You are correct that these should be shown as soon as the project is opened, rather than waiting until the document is loaded.

The Corkboard View now automatically pulls text to form the synopsis if one wasn’t added by you. It won’t auto-pull a title since it would just repeat the synopsis. In other words, it should be doing what you asked automatically! Are you having issues with corkboard index cards not filling with document text?


I did, yes, but only on one project. I wasn’t able to reliably reproduce it. It was originally a 1.9 document, so perhaps bugged?

Hmm. That may have been why. Let us know if you see it again.