[LH3587] Inconsistent behavior when splitting document

Scrivener for Windows Version: Beta (415053) 64-bit, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 1809 build 17763.253

I’ve imported a large Word file and am splitting it into parts (each part is a folder beneath Manuscript), chapters (a folder inside the Part folder) and scenes (text inside the chapter folders). I haven’t had any problems as such, but editor and binder behavior as I’m splitting is inconsistent and inconvenient, and it doesn’t seem like all of it should be by design.

When I highlight text and perform Shift-Ctrl-K, the newly spit object appears below the current object in the Binder and the cursor remains in some semi-random spot in the editor. I have to click into the new object in the Binder to highlight and convert it to a folder. I then need to return to the editor and find the top of the file.

If I am creating a new chapter folder below the new part folder, I again highlight and Shift-Ctrl-K. At this point not only is the binder highlight still at the previous object (the object that was just split), but the editor screen is blank… not empty, as if waiting for new input, but just gray. To get the text back I have to click up into a file in the binder, then click back down to the newly-spit text, which is intact. The cursor is again in a random place in the document, not at the top.

Finally, I make a Ctrl-K split to create the next file in the binder. Again, I have to select the new entry in the binder to rename it. Then, when I find the next spot to do a Ctrl-K, only at this point (when splitting a file into a new file) does the new Binder item appear, selected and ready for me to type a new name. And when I return to the editor, the cursor is always…somewhere, never at the top of the file. In other words, Ctrl-K behavior seems corrent, Shift-Ctrl-K behavior does not.

It seems to me the behavior should be to always have the newly-split Binder object highlighted and ready to rename (or just hit enter to keep the existing name), and when returning to the editor, the cursor should be at the top, since no editing has been done in the file.

Sorry if this is not clear. As I said, this hasn’t created any actual problems…no crashes, no weirdness other than what I detailed. It just seems to require lot more clicking and page navigation than it should.

This has been filed. Thanks.

Is it a keyboard-only type of thing? I split a few documents last week, and I didn’t have this issue.

The issue is with Splitting a folder while in single document mode. It immediately changes to corkboard view which is of course blank since the newly created folder has nothing in it. It only occurs when splitting with selection as title, though.