[LH3592] Outliner row height resets when resizing custom columns

  1. Create a doc with sufficient synopsis text to span more than one text row in the outliner.

  2. Choose to display a custom column in the outliner

  3. Resize the customer outliner column.

On resizing, each outliner row is changed to the same size. This means that any Title fields that span more than one line appear truncated. And in fact the Title text does not appear in full even in the one line that is displayed.

See screen grabs for before / after.

Hello Bob.f,

I wasn’t able to replicate this behaviour. Could you be more specific about how you achieved it? What type of custom metadata column did you use, text, checkbox, date? And how did you resize it? Are you saying that adjusting the width of the column affected the height of the rows?

Thank you for your help in this.

Hi. I have created a number of custom metadata fields, of types text and date. I configure the outliner view to show these columns.

And yes, any resizing of the custom metadata column, date or text, results in the row height reducing in every row, according to the screenshot. Resizing can be done by dragging the column sparator or by doulbe clicking. The result is the same.

It’s worth noting that I have my outliner showing the title and synopsis in column 1, and I have to scroll across to the very right hand side in my outliner for this row height resizing to occur, as this is where the customer metadata colums tend to be. I just tried it with the title, synopsis and custom metadata visible at the same time (much closer together) and the problem did not occur.

Hope that helps.

That seemed to be the missing element. This has been filed.