[LH3594] Copied text is not RTF

I just discovered this about 130 pages into laying out my new novel in PagePlus X9. Text copied from a document in Beta 16 is not being considered as RTF text, but it is with Version

I have been giving Beta 16 a good workout with my normal workflow, making sure I also had the entire novel in Version Using Beta 16 as my master, I began copying each document and pasting it into PagePlus. It wasn’t until about half way through that I noticed none of my italicized text was showing up. When I did a Paste Special in PagePlus, it did not show the entry for Paste as RTF. However, If I copy the text from Version, Paste as RTF shows up, and all my italicized words are showing. Just to make this more interesting, If I copy text from Beta 16 to, then copy it from there to PagePlus, it magically becomes RTF and all italics are showing fine.

Except for this little snaffu, and the spelling squiggles, I’m very happy with Scrivener 3, and can hardly wait until it goes live!

I see this here, as well. While Beta 16 accepts formatted text in paste, it does not copy formatting info to the clipboard. Hadn’t noticed it before, because usually I don’t copy out of Scrivener; I’m usually copying the other way.

In OpenOffice, the only paste option for text copied from Scrivener Beta 16 is unformatted text, which tells me that’s what Scrivener is copying to the clipboard.

Scrivener’s native storage mode is RTF, so I can’t imagine it would be tremendously difficult to copy RTF.

Does the Mac version copy formatting correctly, I wonder?

Just for information, the current public (non-beta) version of Scrivener Windows does copy all RTF formatting to the clipboard, from which the formatted text (including working URLs) can be pasted into other programs.

Thanks. This has been filed.

I’m creating a new project in Beta 17 for a non-fiction book. The original text is in LibreOffice. When I select and copy the text from LibreOffice, and paste it into a Scrivener 3 text document, it retains most of the formatting, but it is also catching the soft returns at the end of the lines in LibreOffice. I have tried checking “Full screen typewriter scrolling in new projects” but that has not helped, nor has “Typewriter scrolling in new projects.”

I was having problems with RTF text copied in Beta 16, and Beta 17 also does not recognize the copied text as RTF. However, I have no problems with version which accepts the text without a hitch, and displays the pasted text (using CTRL+V) full width in the editor–without the soft returns. Beta 17 is obviously capturing the margin information, but is not discarding the right margin value to allow text to be displayed full width in the editor. Version 1.9 discards the right margin, but keeps the right margin offsets, so that offset paragraphs remain in place.

The only workaround appears to be selecting the pasted text, and dragging the right margin marker on the ruler to the grey area beyond the end of the ruler.

BTW, after changing the “typewriter scrolling” settings, closing Scrivener and opening it again, A Windows command window popped up showing lots of activity, including some errors. This did not happen until I changed the “typewriter scrolling” settings. Unchecking them did not correct the issue–always displays the Windows command window now!

Retaining the margins from LibreOffice seems a reasonable default behavior. If your main text style is configured for no margins, you can run Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting to clear them. In fact that command will work with multiple docs selected.

Rgds - Jerome

Does nothing for me. The formatting remains the same. Have to reformat manually.