[LH3604] Any easy way to replace carriage returns using Search, rather than Project Replace?

I sometimes paste content into my documents that, no matter how I paste it, has carriage returns at the end of each line rather than the end of each paragraph. Is there any way to search for and replace carriage returns within a single file, or within the files viewed in Scrivenings view? I know it’s possible with Project Replace, but that’s unwieldy for my circumstances. My recourse has been to do it in Word before copying it into Scrivener, but that’s also not very convenient.

Hi Tom,

You should be able to do so by using Edit > Find > Find (Ctrl+F) and setting the Find Options to Regular Expression. I say should because it looks like there is a bug currently making that impossible. I’ve filed the bug and updated the ticket # to the title of this thread.

Thanks for helping me catch this one!