[LH3606] Custom Metadata Confusion

In the new Beta 17, I created a new project for a non-fiction book that is updated periodically. I used a template I created for myself a while back which contained two custom metadata items: Characters Present, and Location. This morning, I created a new metadata item “This Edition” which was placed by default at the bottom of the list–as expected. Because I want this to be the first item in the list, I dragged it to the top. So far, so good.

I went to each of the two beginner chapters provided by the template, where I added “4th (May 2019)” to the new “This Edition” metadata item. I also changed the chapter titles. I then began duplicating the second of these default chapters to create new chapters, complete with two empty scenes. After doing a few of these, I noticed that the edition number was showing up in the “Characters Present” metadata item. When I looked at the previously created chapters, I was surprised to find the edition in “Characters Present” for all the chapters. I erased the edition info from the wrong metadata item and copied them back into “This Edition” for all chapters. When finished, I checked to see if they stuck this time–but they didn’t. Mysteriously, they managed to flip back to “Characters Present.”

Because “Characters Present” was the custom metadata item at the top of the list originally, it appears that moving any other item to the top will assign the content to whatever custom metadata item is in that position. To verify this, I moved “Location” to the top of the list. For each Chapter, I typed “Here” for the “Location.” When I went back to look at them again, sure enough, the content placed in “Location” was now in “Characters Present” and all other custom metadata was gone!

When I rearranged the custom metadata item list to be as it was originally: Characters Present, Location, and the new This Edition last, The contents remains with the proper metadata item. So, it appears that changing the order of the Custom Metadata items will trash their contents. I don’t believe this was present in Beta 16, which I used to complete an 83,000 word novel, and I believe, though the brain fails me, that I added some new Custom Metadata items, but I may not have moved them.

The only workaround at this point is not to change the order of Custom Metadata items. If one needs to be added, it will have to remain at the bottom of the list. If I want them in a specific order, I need to delete any existing ones, and add items in the order I want them to appear–which is what I ended up doing for this project.

Thanks for catching this! This has been filed.