[LH3610] Compile "Test..." Button Not Working

I thought by now the “Test” button would be working in Compile. But I don’t see any condition where it works unless its invisible.

I assume this feature allows the user to view the changes on screen without creating a file.

Right now when you press the “Test” button" nothing happens. What am I supposed to expect?

I do think the Test button remains broken. That aside, the purpose of this feature is not to draw a preview on the screen. That would be impossible for some of the formats that Scrivener supports (it would have to have a full-blown Kindle reader for example). What it does do is bypass the whole process of saving your Format, compiling, checking the file, opening Compile again, editing the format, making a change, saving, compiling, et cetera. Instead you will be able to just hit the Test button and check the file, tweak settings, and repeat.

This has been filed. Thanks!