[LH3614] Links not working after compile


I’m unsure if this is a bug or if its the lack of knowledge on my end. I’ve just started using scrivener ‘compile’ function to print out some research and note taking.

I’m using the ‘Link to document’ feature quite heftily to link all over the place as well as a table of contents (from the copy special). This works in scrivener itself.

Whenever I compile to a PDF (or docx) my links are not working. They’re not linking and results in a ‘File not found’ and the ‘<%p>’ placeholders stays a placeholder in the PDF.

When I compile in docx, the table of contents links are just linking back to the first page of the document and all other links to scrivener.

Note: for some reason, the first 2 links in the TOC are also not clickable because they’re not compiled on the PDF which I understand.


TOC in Docx:

TOC in Scrivener:

Thanks. This has been filed.

Hey, was it reported before, and how long ago. (Just to know if it’s a new bug, and perhaps quickly fixed or an older more difficult bug)

Do you need any more information / project details?

Is there also a bug tracker somewhere where we can follow up on the issues?

There is not a publicly available bugtracker. When a given bug is fixed, its LH number (in the subject line of this forum topic) will appear in the relevant release notes.


Sorry to bring this bug report back to life, Is there perhaps a work-around or something I can do to fix these links before it’s completely fixed?

Thanks in advance!

Similar issue - when setting up a Contents page in eBook compile, doesn’t work.

It will display the auto generated page at beginning of eBook, however not a Contents page positioned elsewhere (after Title).

Tried with placeholder and the copy special process.

Further to this, I can confirm the process works as it should in V3 Mac, the issue being only in the Win Beta.