[LH3614] Table of Contents fail

When I copy special as table of contents and paste in Front Matter, page numbers don’t appear in a Compile to PDF.

This bug is still unacknowledged.

It’s a bug in Scrivener 1 as well.

Thanks, this bug has been acknowledged.

in addition, the links in the TOC do not work in pdf’s - an error message is displayed because the links access external files instead of jumping internally to the corresponding page.

Good catch, likely part of the same glitch.

Hi, this is my first time posting. I’ve been having issues with Front Matter. Is it normal for the Front Matter to appear in the Table of Contents? It looks strange to me, like it shouldn’t be there. I have no idea how to remove it from Table of Contents. I’m trying to compile a kindle version of my book.

It should be there in my opinion, but it’s your book. Do it your way.

If you mean the automatic table of contents generated for any eBook, every section break causes a Table of Contents entry. If you don’t want it in the ToC, don’t give it a section break.

If you mean a manually-built ToC for print, YOU have to build it, so there’s no problem leaving it out.

By the way, be aware section break = page break. If you give it a page break for print, that’s a section break for eBooks and vice versa.