[LH3614] ToC does not contain pagenumbers

I have created a page where I pasted a ToC using ‘Copy documents as ToC’. After compiling my manuscript to LibreOffice, questionmarks appear where the pagenumbers should be inserted. Using a print preview in LibreOffice replaces the questionmarks with the text ‘Reference not found’ (see attachment).

It appears that the headings in my manuscript are missing an anchor, so the ToC does not know on which pages my chapter titles are. When I add anchors manually to the pages the ToC works fine, but this costs me a lot of work every time I compile a new document.

The same problem occurs when I compile to Word. Compiling to PDF adds pagenumber 3 to every item in the ToC.
Does anyone know how to solve this or is this a bug?

Thanks. This has been filed.