[LH3617] Beta 35: Little folder arrow is missing when folder is selected in Dark Mode theme

dropbox.com/s/gomsof8seiyc8 … N.png?dl=0

In the Binder, If I choose Dark Mode, when I select a folder I can’t see the littler arrow that indicates that there are contents inside the folder

Not saying it’s right, but that’s just about the same case in all of the UI color/appearance choices. There’s just no contrast for the arrow, when that particular binder element is selected and highlighted.

Cycled through all of them, and ther’s simply no contrast for that arrow, other than in the default appearance choice.

It’s true that happens with all themes. I think it should always be visible though, its not just a visual indicator, but a button, you click there to expand or collapse the folder.

This has been filed. Thanks.