[LH3617] : Highlighted document directory missing drop down arrow

The drop down arrow is not rendered when a multidocument line is highlighted as follows:-


And when I place the highlight on it - the arrow disappears:-


This problem is still present in Beta. I’m not sure when it appeared but it might not have been present in earlier versions before or earlier. I’ve only noticed this in onwards.

Upon further investigation, it appears that while the arrow is invisible, it is actually there and works. Not sure if this is just a render problem or a colour issue. As such it is a slightly less serious problem but should be fixed nonetheless.

Update: This problem does not appear when using the Default theme so it’s probable a theme related issue. I was using Solarized Light. The problem appears in Dark Mode, Solarized Light/Dark, Gray Matter Light/Dark, Ocean, Violet Haze. The only theme in which this problem does not appear is the Default theme.

Just for clarity - I’ve circled the arrow in question:-Capture1.JPGCapture2.JPG

Bump - this problem is still present in the latest Beta: I’ve circled the place where the pointer disappears (or blends into the highlight colour.)

This has been filed. Thanks.