[LH3617] On dark themes, open-toggle arrows for selected containers disappear

Better to have caught this, as even being an old user, it confused me, encountered on a project I hadn’t worked with for a while.

The problem is simple, and shows between the two attached screenshots.

  • On a light theme like ‘Default’, containers (folders etc.) always show that they are such via their expansion arrows, even when they’re selected
  • But with a dark theme, the expansion arrows disappear, don’t show in contrasting light color, when a container is selecdted
  • Thus, you don’t see that it is a container, may well fail to open it unless you click where the arrow hides, and thus can ‘lose’, find yourself unable to access the contents, even when you may know it’s there.

In these examples, the container is open, so you see the content, but if it is closed, there’s no indication with a dark theme that it’s even there, when you have the container selected.

This example is with Solarized Dark, but the problem seems to be the same with other dark themes.



And, discussed here as well. https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh3617-beta-35-little-folder-arrow-is-missing-when-folder-is-selected-in-dark-mode-theme/48680/1
Appears the Devs have made note of it.

While I know there exists the ability to play with colors of in the Options tab, it becomes too fiddly to spend too much time on it. On my wish list might be a more robust selection of preformatted color themes…all worked out with appropriate contrasting colors for text, highlights, background, panel contrasts, etc.

Here, from another app, (happens to be a web authoring app) are a number of themes that can be selected as base colors, with the ability to further tweak those, as necessary or desired…designer’s choice.

Just a wish for my poor old eyes! :open_mouth: Color Palette For Scrivener.jpg

This has been filed. Thanks.