[LH3618] Bugs in compiler, ODT format output

Page numbering is strange. In the output file, when I put the page number in the header using LibreOffice, I get a zero on the first page (“0 of 12”), but LibreOffice status bar reports the first page as the second (it says “2 of 12”). Something strange there. I’m using the Short Story compile (copy of Short Story(times), modified to use Deja Vu Serif). “I had different header and footer on first page” checked, but that shouldn’t cause zero-based page numbering. And “Main Body header and footer starts on” set to Page 2 should also not change pagination? DOCX format doesn’t have these issues, even in LibreOffice.

Second (maybe not a bug), the compiler defaults to page format A4, when letter format is specified in the project (File->Page Setup). Shouldn’t the Page Setup setting be used by the compiler as the default?

This has been filed. Thanks.