[LH3622] beta 17 "Convert rich text to Markdown" breaks Markdown export

I have a very simple project with three lines:

Paragraph 1
Paragraph 2
2^2 = 4

Third line is marked as character style “Math” which is my custom style.

I have created new export style “Default Copy” which is a copy of the Default style with one modification. Style “Math” is marked as “Treat as raw markup” and has prefix/suffix set to /$.

Export to MultiMarkdown with my Default Copy style gives expected result:

If I repeat the export with one modification - checking the “Convert rich text to Markdown” option - I get the following result:

I see three problems here.

  1. Each paragraph is followed with an empty line.
  2. character (which is my raw style marker) is quoted in the output (\).
  3. ^ character is quoted (^) although the style is marked as “raw”.

Should this be treated as a bug?

The bug here appears to be that although “Treat as Raw Markup” was checked in your edited format, it did not stay checked upon clicking Save. If you reopen your format for editing I believe you will find your style unchecked again. I have filed this as a bug.

As for your points labeled 1. and 2., this behaviour appears to be working as intended, as the output matches that of the Mac version when converting rich text without treating the style as raw.

Thank you!