[LH3626] How to open "Recovered files"


I use the Windows beta latest version.

Every time I close Scrivener, the next time I open it says that it has recovered som files. I don’t know why but it’s not that big a deal. My question is, how to open these files?

Scrivener creates a folder that is called e.g: “Recovered Files (23-05-2019, 07:19)”
Indside that folder there is a note, and inside that note there is one line of text like: 9942C0EE-DB5A-40E7-917F-461065923A12

What should I do with this? I can’t find that note/folder any where on my pc .

Thanks, Morten

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You’re seeing the internal identifier for one of the components of your project. Normal behavior would be to see the actual contents of the file, so there’s definitely something wonky going on.


By the way, this is the message that appears every time I start Scrivener. See atteched image.


Hi Bracker,

I’m going to ask you some clarifying questions about your issue,

When you say Scrivener creates a folder containing " text like: 9942C0EE-DB5A-40E7-917F-461065923A12 " are you talking about seeing that within the Scrivener program itself? Or when viewing the folder through File Explorer.

Do you keep any extraneous documents/folders inside the .scriv folder? If so they may be what Scrivener is trying to recover, as there would be no record of them in the scrivx file.

Thanks for your help with this.


To answer your questions:

I see it inside Scrivener. I always only work inside Scrivener. That also kinda answers you second question, as I never touch the folders or files outside Scrivener.

I have attached a screenshot from the “Revovered files” folder inside Scrivener and the opened note that it links to.

Bets regards, Morten

Thank you Morten,

That image was in fact quite helpful. There appears to be a bug when assigning styles to text in the Notes section of the Inspector, causing the behvaiour you’ve witnessed. This has now been filed.


Sadly, not the only bug for file recovery. I had ZERO stuff in notes (I think; I don’t remember putting anything in Notes in this project, though I could be wrong – I can’t open the file now without it “recovering” the stuff), and just now Scrivener “recovered” 31 documents in a manuscript. Mind you, this was a TEST project, and the content was hideously monotonous (Lorem ipsum style text), so nothing is “lost.” This project contains 2.2 million words in 28 chapters (not evenly distributed).

I checked against the last backup (a week ago) with Explorer, and there’s a difference of 31 directories (562 vs 593) in the Files/Data subdirectories; and in Folder properties there’s a difference of 30 directories total (because Recovered folder was added, I’m guessing). Each document was originally named differently (except for Chapter titles) (Scene-1, Scene-2, etc, to Scene-512).

They’re about 35 MB each unzipped. I’m guessing you’d like copies to find out just what the heck I did? I haven’t edited the last version (the “recovered” one), just checked it (I noticed an odd behavior in another project and only opened this to check that behavior on testing text) and exited.