[LH3648][RC7] Minor High DPI bug

Just installed the 64-bit highdpi version of RC7 on my 4K monitor. Composition mode looks fine (and performance is fine), but when I leave full-screen mode (using the [ESC] key), Scrivener no longer fills its full-screen window:

(In case this isn’t clear, all that white space below and to the right of the Scrivener window is in fact in the Scrivener window, which is maximised – you can see the Windows buttons in the top right-hand corner.

– it’s easily fixed: just use Windows “restore down” and then the “maximise” buttons, and all is well, but there’s clearly some kind of glitch here.

This has been filed. Thanks.

I am also experiencing this – high dpi version of RC7 in Windows 10.