[LH3648] : Wrong window size/dimension after exiting Composition Mode

After hitting the ESC key to exit composition mode I get this:

(Please see attachment.)

Windows: 10 64bit
Laptop: Dell XPS 15
Beta version: Version: Beta (664545) 64-bit - 27 Aug 2019

I have this problem too. It happens when you have Scrivener open in full-screen and enter Composition Mode. When you exit Composition Mode, the Scrivener interface is shrunk to a corner of the full-screen window.

It fixes when you click the ‘restore-down’ icon in the top right corner of the Windows bar (to exit full-screen)

Just to update, this only happens when the ‘Use Fixed Width Editor’ box is checked under ‘Appearance’ in the ‘Option’ menu.

This has been filed. Thanks.