[LH3660] Binder performance beta 18

I’ve noticed a significant slowdown in the performance of relocated objects in the binder.

I can’t say that I noticed it in b17, however I can’t specifically remember organizing my binder at all during my use of b17. Before that there was no noticable issue.

In beta 18, the binder relocation performance appears directly attached to the file size. When attempting to move a large PDF or some object up or down in the list, there are significant delays. In some instances I would have to click and hold for ~3 to 6 seconds before the app would respond again, then, if I was still holding the mouse button, I could relocate it. If I had released the mouse button before the app becomes responsive again, the item was moved into a “random” folder.

Example “large” file sizes:
PFRPG_SRD.pdf 7,189KB
SRD-OGL_V5.1.pdf 4,744KB

If I just try and move a short text object, zippy as ever.

Overall project backup size is a little under 500MB.

Does this occur for you when using Ctrl+Up/Down to move the same items? I ask this to help narrow this down.

Thanks for your help.

It does not.

Ctrl+ up/down is fully responsive. Only when mousing around does the slow performance present itself.

Thanks! This has been filed.