[LH3663] Footnote popover doesn't wrap text

When I hover my mouse pointer over a footnote marker in my text and the footnote is too long, the popover doesn’t wrap text, but it keeps it on a single line, so it goes offscreen and I have to open the inspector to read the whole note.
I’ve seen this bug since beta 17, and it’s still there in beta 22. In Scrivener 1.9 the popover did wrap text, showing it in a small rectangle.

Here are the screenshots:

This has been filed. Thanks.

This bug is still there in beta 23.

You don’t need to report this when the beta is updated. Simply check the new version’s release notes to see if the bug number is listed as being fixed. You can find the bug number in the subject line of the forum thread – the [LHXXXX] number.

If it’s not listed, then it’s not been fixed and the developers are still working on it – no report needed.

If it is listed as fixed, then try the behavior. IF it’s fixed, great! No need to report it. If, however, you see something that makes you believe the fix is not in place (or not complete), then post something in the appropriate thread with the bug number.

Sorry; I misread the list and thought it had been fixed.

No worries. There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about how the bug tracking is working.

Not to sound too impatient, but any news on this? In beta 40 I still have to switch panes on inspector to fully read long footnotes.

It seems like this bug is still there in RC2.

Well, I didn’t pay attention to it in RC3, but in RC4 it has been solved. Thanks!