[LH3663] Long info tips and loss of toolbars

I’m not sure why this is happening, but since beta 17, my footnote/comment info tips span across the entire screen instead of the usual “boxed” view. Could this be something I accidentally changed and am not aware of? I updated to beta 18 today and the behavior is still the same.

Also, when I select multiple files and/or folders in the binder, my top toolbar disappears, and it looks as though the entire layout (binder, editor, and inspector) zooms in a little. Very strange. At least the “lost toolbar” problem is temporarily solved if I close and reopen, but if I make multiple binder selections, it “re-zooms”. Also no change after updating to beta 18 today.

Again, I’m not sure if this is something I’ve done or if others have experienced either of these problems.

The issue with comment text not wrapping has been filed. Thank you.

As for your other issue, could you be more specific? Which toolbar is disappearing for you? And have you made any custom changes to the options available on the toolbars? Anything that may have affected this?

Thank you for your help with this.

Thank you very much.
As for the toolbar, the ‘zooming effect’ simply makes the main and formatting toolbar vanish, as though it’s pushing them out of the way to make room for the ‘zoom’. The only thing I’ve changed was to add comments/footnote icons to the formatting toolbar. I’ve done that since ver.1 and never had the aforementioned problem until now.
But it seems to have fixed itself for the time being. I tried after reading your reply and it just worked like normal all of a sudden. Maybe you’re good luck?

So glad to know the long tips are a known issue. They’re driving me nuts, but I’ll just switch directly to the footnote/comment section for now.