[LH3679] Keyboard shortcut for project statistics causes compiler to run

The keyboard shortcut to show project statistics (Ctrl+.) initiates a compile. When you abort the compile, the project statistics window pops up, and the compiler begins again, where you again have to abort it.

I’ll add to this bug… if you select Statistics from the menu it also launches the compiler twice. I assumed it needed to run once to get a character / word count but perhaps twice is not as intended?

I played with this a bit more - it looks like if you ask for accurate project statistics and run it from the menus, it does the same. I suspect this has something to do with how it calculates accurate statistics. If you don’t want it to be that accurate (and not run the compiler) you can change your project statistics from Accurate to Estimate (bottom left of the Project Statistics dialog). Then when I use the shortcut key, it just opens the project statistics.

So unless running the compiler twice is a bug for project statistics, I don’t believe there is a bug in the shortcut.

This has been filed. Thanks.