[LH3689] move text to the chapters in the binder

Hi, under version 2.9 of scrivener the drag and drop for moving text does not seem to be working since it leaves behind the original selected text to be deleted. At the same time, I cannot move text directly to the text contained by folders/chapters in the binder. Both operations look to me as essential. Is there a way to do that?
Thank you.

Leon, I got interested in this, and tried some things.

  • drag-drop selected text from one editor split to the other split does a copy, no removal
    -drag-drop selected text from one project’s editor to an open editor in another project also is copy, no removal
  • drag-drop selected text from editor to the same project’s binder creates a new document with a copy of the text, no remove
  • drag-drop selected text from an editor to another open project’s binder tempts it’s going to create a new document, but actually nothing happens
  • drag-drop of a document from one project to another does a document copy, no removal of document or text

So, it’s a little inconsistent, but copy seems the dominant mode, and that’s safe, so maybe it should stay.

I tried some modifier keys, ctrl, alt, etc.; none did anything, and shif t can’t be used, as it instead tries to extend the text selection.

It would seem a good solution could be drag-drop makes copy in every case above – and then let a modifier like ctrl-key also include deletion of the original, for when that would save steps.

What do you think?

I do agree with your idea of using the ctrl key to turn the drag and drop into a copy or move operation. It saves you a lot of time. I thought this was going to be incorporated in the windows version 3.0 of scrivener, from what I had understood from another post (regarding ios). But we are approaching the final version and I do not see available what seems to me as pretty basic and essential.

At the same time, moving paragraphs directly inside the chpaters in the binder seems to me as a feature highly desirable and intuitive, at least to have as an option. I do not need scrivener to create a subchapter for me. I want it to put text from a first draft directly inside the chapter (in the end) I already created in the binder. That is a very straightforward way of putting together paragraphs that belong to the same chapter in the final draft.

Thanks. This has been filed.