[LH3796] : Compile Formatting issue in PDF using Scrivener built in format


Sorry to add another bug to the list. I’ve been wanting to compile my manuscript for a while and was finally doing so. I compiled this using the Scrivener format “Manuscript (Times)” and the format was PDF. I made no changes to the built format. My manuscript does not have any empty lines that could account for what I am seeing. I’ve tried to include a few examples of the issues. Not every page has a problem but there are enough that the PDF is not usable. :cry: I sure hope it isn’t too hard to fix!!

I have put a border around each example so it would be easier to figure out what you are looking at. I’ve viewed this in a couple different PDF viewers and the issue is the same. Basically, each example shows the bottom of one page and the top of the following page. This is where it is getting messed up.

Hmm. Not seeing any of that. Just compiled, using not-quite-default settings. I assigned section layouts to “As-is” for both group and text, and changed the default page from A4 to Letter. I also changed Header and Footer fonts to Noto Sans 12, as opposed to Helvetica 12, which I’m dead sure is not on my machine.

Not saying that any of those would alleviate the issues you’re seeing, though.

Not seeing this one, either. Could the PDF file be fine and it be a bug in the program you’re using? XPDF and default settings, everything is OK.

I see this in all of my PDF viewers. Perhaps I need to change what Scrivener is using to generate the PDF? Isn’t there a setting somewhere for this sort of thing? I think i changed the one used for docx at one point but now I can’t find the setting so I’m not sure where to look. Is there such a setting or have I remembered wrong?

I also tried printing my manuscript and using the Microsoft to PDF utility with the same issue. Perhaps this is an issue with my header? Is the header supposed to be inside or outside of the page margins? If I set my top and bottom margins at

I am running Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surface. I have several PD viewers and MS Word 365. Any suggestions?

Hi Sewwrite,

Could you send us a project that compiles in the way you are seeing? You can email it to us at win3beta@literatureandlatte.com - just remember to add a link to this thread.

Also: Are you using the Default Compile Format, one of the others that comes with the template you’re using, or a custom one? That will help us figure out where to start looking.

Thanks for your help with this.

Sure but it happens for me even using the tutorial project and yes, I’m using the included scrivener format Manuscript (Times ). I can send it to you but I’m wondering if the issue is something else? The help > about says that Scrivener uses Microsoft Word if installed otherwise it uses Aspose? I recently installed Microsoft 365. Can I force Scrivener to use Aspose?

I just emailed you the zipped project and the PDF it produced on compile. Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks. This has been filed.

I was trying to create a PDF again using the latest version of the Scrivener beta. I’m not sure if it is related but I am using US Letter size paper and the issue is more pronounced when I have 1.5x line spacing. I’m still hopeful that you can figure this one out and fix it.

This has been improved and hopefully fixed in the next Beta 28 update.

Hi there,

I just wanted to add a note here that this issue seems to be continuing in Beta 29.

FYI: I started a separate there here ([url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh3796-compile-sometimes-produces-page-with-top-and-or-bottom-line-partially-displayed/48043/1]) before I learned that this one existed.

To reproduce: create a new project, add a new scene in a chapter, paste a bunch of text. My text is formatted with Courier Prime, Regular, 14 point, double spaced.

Compile to PDF (entire manuscript) and some lines are still being sliced.

Let me know how I can provide more information to assist the devs with getting this fixed, and I’ll try to do just that.

I’m also still having this issue with Beta version 33.

Still happening: Version: Beta (818046) 64-bit - 28 Jan 2020

I’ve looked for some pattern that might cause this, like combined sections on the same page, chapter titles or none present, etc. It “seems” random, though the lines are getting cut-off consistently on specific pages across separate compiles.

Not sure if that helps at all, but…I thought I’d mention is.

Obviously, this is a pretty critical feature, as not being able to produce a manuscript is kind of a big bug. Hope it gets some attention soon.