[LH3807] Compile to .docx missing page numbers

While trying to compile my short story into a Word .docx, I’ve noticed that there isn’t the usual surname/abbrev_title/page number in the top right header of each page following the first one. I haven’t changed any of the settings, and I’m not sure if it’s something I’m missing or if it’s a bug. I’ve attached a screenshot of the page settings from the compile window.

We are aware of a bug affecting headers and footers where only those headers placed in the “First Pages” section are showing up in output. Please try to set your header information in “First Pages” and see if that solves your issue. If it does I will mark this as the known bug, if not I will file it as a new one.

Thank you for your help with this.

I tried it with the header information in the “First Pages” section. The header appeared, but weirdly showed up on the left instead of on the right, even though I put the info in the right-most box. Additionally, it changed the font from Courier New to Courier Prime. I’m not sure why.

This has been filed. Thanks.