[LH3901] Headlines still black in dark themes (RC1, Beta 21)

Headlines are still black in dark themes - hard to read :wink: Same with editing chapter names etc, in the binder.

The Binder black text color upon editing in Dark Mode theme has been fixed and will be available with the next release. Which are the Headlines you have in mind, Jens?

May want to look at this as well.

Yes, the Tutorial needs further adjustments for Dark Mode themes. We are aware of this. Thanks!

Talking about headlines available in the “Styles” menu. They appear black in the menu and the draft as well.

@Jens, testing the “Headlines” using the latest build and “Dark Mode” theme render the text with white color. I could not recognize your theme from the screenshot unfortunately. Can you please try to switch to another theme and back again and verify the colors. If the Headline colors are still wrong, please create another project and test the headline colors in the new project, too.

I actually used “dark mode”. Just switched to the Default theme and back to Dark mode and Solarized Dark. Headlines still appear black in both dark themes. Created a new project using Dark mode. No changes as you can see from the new screenshot.

This is how it looks in my tests. Your Inspector Synopsis and Notes area are also colored differently. Have you adjusted any colors under Windows?

In the new test-project, synopsis and notes look like yours. Just checked my windows color adjustments, there were no changes made. Color mode is dark (not in apps!), but even if I switch to bright, headlines appear black in Scrivener.

I had a similar issue in previous betas and it fixed when I reset options to defaults and clear project interface settings

File – Options – Defaults button

Alt + File–Close project and Clear interface settings

I don’t know if the reset really changed anything, but I noticed something else: When creating a new project using a novel or a non-fiction template, headlines remain black. Selecting “Empty Project” instead, everything works fine and the headlines are white. Any idea?

Thanks, Jens! This is a great discovery. Let me have a look and I will post further comments.

@tiho_d, something I was very hopeful Jens’s actions would clear but didn’t is that the First Page Header under Front Matter, is a near-black page with black type under the default and other Themes.

This is true even on new project created after the clearing steps.

I can’t see how to change the background, and if I change the type color to white, think i t will be so under compilation as well.

Maybe you can find this issue at the same time, and/or suggest a remedy.

I’m pretty able to create a substitute template, if there’s a way to fix this – again that doesn’t disturb actual compiled output.


p.s. actually the Short Story Format page on this template has the same appearance, other than its blue text, which stays blue.

Also, it seems to me this problem in general developed very recently, maybe on the 20-21 releases. Further, I tried changing Win10 to its Light theme, which I can’t use, but this didn’t affect the problem.

I do note that typing on the dark pages also renders black type against dark background.

Unfortunately this problem hasn’t been solved with the release of beta 23. Headlines remain black, even in completely new projects.

I’m not having that problem after I had completely uninstalled Scrivener since using the update feature way back when. I did see what you had talked about and after opening several different projects none show what you have. Although some words are still blurred, doubled stamped as it were with such choices as Character Styles and Paragraph Styles as examples.