[LH3909] RC1 Itty Bitty Problem with document title

In Version 1.9.x Windows, changing the document title in the Binder list instantly changes the title elsewhere. In RC1 and earlier betas, the new document title will not show until you move to another document and back. Just an itty bitty thing I noticed recently. Certainly not a deal breaker.

Hmm. Changes as soon as I hit enter, in either place.

Edit the binder entry, hit enter. Immediately, the document name changes.
And vice versa; edit the doc name, hit enter, the Binder entry changes.

It sounds as though your copy is acting differently?

With a bit more investigation, I found that the document title is not changed only on the Inspector Custom Metadata pane. Changes either in the Binder or in Synopsis are reflected immediately, but changes in either are not reflected on the Custom Metadata pane until you switch to another document and back. Just itty bitty! Doesn’t even bother me, just thought I would report it for completeness.

Confirmed here. That tiny line above the metadata in every tab but synopsis does not change. Now that I see it, it’ll be annoying. Actually it won’t. I’d never even noticed it before. What’ll be annoying is when I want those few points of screen real estate for something else and I can’t remove the line.

This has been fixed and will be available with the next update.