[LH3913] Beta: Multimarkdown "Could not convert to required format - Unknown error"

When compiling to the following formats, Scrivener Beta throws a “Could not convert to required format - Unknown error” dialog, and compiled file fails to be created. The formats are:

Multimarkdown > HTML
Multimarkdown > LaTeX
Multimarkdown > Flat XML

My workflow unfortunately relies on being able to export to Multimarkdown > HTML, so I have to downgrade for now. Looking forward to being able to use the beta this is fixed in :slight_smile:

Do the steps in this post help?


If so, this issue should be solved for you with the next build

I attempted this several times but for me it was a no-go—same issue upon compile. I also did not have Multimarkdown installed separately to begin with.

Hi Corgi,

Does this still occur in the new beta? Or has the issue been resolved?

The issue appears to be fixed! Thank you!