[LH3917] [Suggestion] [2.9.10] UI Improvements

Pretty please could you improve the UI in V3 please? The icons are still too small on my 21 inch monitor. They look tiny. It feels I’m flogging a dead horse sometimes on this issue but I’ll keep saying something until I feel the UI is comfortable to use.

Please could you make the main UI icons, or give us the option to make the icons the same size as the Scrivener/LL logo in the about box please?? Pretty please??

I keep opening the new betas and being disappointed by the small icons meaning I can’t enjoy the new features.

Please please change the icon size and make them bigger. I am getting desperate now and resorting to begging. Please.

Yes, please make the icons bigger. They’re too small. At least add an option to make them bigger.

So, I found these options here: Options->Appearance->General Interface and played with them (defaults are 36px and 29px). Increasing either/both numbers (only up to 50px, the upper limits for both) did NOT increase the icon size at all. The icons are definitely at a fixed size or do not respond to the toolbar increases. Reducing the tool bar size (20px for main and 18px for toolbar, the lower limits for each) DID decrease the size of the icons.

Indeed, the icons throughout the software are all hand-drawn, pixel by pixel, to the size you see them at. Resizing them would mean very blurry icons. Having a feature that blew up icons to logo sized graphics would mean commissioning the entire payload of graphics to be done all over again, and at a scale that would probably demand greater detailing in the designing. I.e. what can be done with a simple 1px line to represent “text” in a page icon would probably look a bit silly in a thumbnail the size of a postage stamp.

So this is a non-trivial and very expensive request, unfortunately.

Ioa, are you confident there isn’t a smoothing option for Windows pixel-image magnification?

That’s the usual thing, which would keep the costs down, and given the persons who are needing this are all using huge monitors, quite possibly the results would have good appearance at the physical size they would render.

I don’t quite understand why you didn’t use vector graphics. Or at least had the icons drawn at a bigger size, so you could make them smaller more easily.

In any case, it seems that Scrivener 3 will be the program with the smallest icons on my computer. I checked a few of the programs I use most, and all of them have bigger icons - Google Chrome, Firefox, Evernote, LibreOffice, Skype, etc.

Under Scrivener for Windows we do use vector graphics icons. This helps having sharp icons on HighDPI and NonHighDPI screens with every user scale factor. Designing big and displaying small size icons produces blurry icons. Designing small and showing big causes staircase like icons. I will check how easy it is to allow for user size icons, obviously with lost icon sharpness.

Thanks a lot, tiho_d!

Tiho, that sound great, good man!

Very late here, and I am not a Windows ‘guy’, but is seems these two links may point towards ways:

Skimming this page, it seemed GDI Scaling (details for real developer way down in a big article) may be a way?


And here are some notes on recent at least Qt which again by skimming may appear connect to this, or otherwise suggest methods more directly for that package you use?


Best fortune, and good hunting, Tiho

This is one area where Scrivener 3 is a step backward. On my UHD monitor, the main toolbar icons are–literally–one-third the size of the 1.9 icons. Formatting bar icons are about half the size of their 1.9 counterparts. Additionally, they’ve been designed to be low-contrast, which makes them even harder to pick out, compared to the super clarity of the 1.9 icons.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought those were the main problems of bitmap graphics, which vector graphics were supposed to overcome.

I agree.

Maybe it would not be a lot of work to make an additional black and white version of the icons in version 3 so that they have more contrast?

Hey @StaceyUK, check out the new icon sizing!

Oh, nice! :slight_smile:

happy, happy dance