[LH3947] Blurry/seeing double greyed out menu text

Just installed the latest beta after a month or two away from Scrivener.

I applied dark mode and restarted, and noticed unavailable menu options are blurry or shadowy – not sure how to describe it, like if they were blue and red they might be 3D with the proper eyewear. Here is a screenshot, which I hope I am inserting correctly:


And confirmed. It’s not the font; happens on mine, too (I use VAGRounded for my menus).

Upon further testing, it appears to happen in several (if not all) of the darker themes, and it’s not consistent for all unavailable menu items. That is, some are shadowy, some aren’t.

I’ve switched back to the default theme, despite all the glaring whiteness; I’m using a pre-built template that doesn’t play well (dark included text in the dark theme) and I don’t want to open each individual text and remove the color.

This appears to have gotten a little worse in RC1…as far as I can see, all unavailable menu options in Dark Mode appear to be shadowy text. At any rate, still a problem.

This has been filed. Thanks.