[LH3948] Bug beta, compile window disappears completely when reducing its size


When I click on compile, the compile window opens. Because I don’t see the buttons at the bottom, I reduce its size at the center top of the window, but then, the compile window disappears completely and, because scrivener understands that there is a window opened, It does not allow me to use scrivener anymore. You should also know that, when the compile window opens, there is no second window showing in the task bar like it does when I open the file -> option window for example. So, even though there is no compile window anymore, I have to click “enter” to start compilation. When compilation is done, then, I can use scrivener again.

I use windows 10, beta and the high DPI mode is enable (if not, all the fonts are blurred on my 14 inches screen, but I know that is why I don’t see the buttons at the bottom of the windows).


It does the same when I open the window to modify the format in compile window, even if I disable the high DPI mode. Again, I was trying to reduce the size of the window because I was not seeing the buttons at the bottom.

Try hitting Esc key to close the “open” compile window? Even though it’s disappeared, it’s still there somewhere, and Scrivener should recognize the Esc key to close it. Alternately, alt-tab until it shows again? May not work; I can’t reproduce the “disappearing window” at the moment.

I can confirm this. Not sure if it’s intentional.

This has been filed. Thanks.

Yolaine, just to confirm, is your Windows scaling set to 250% or above?

I use 150 scaling on a widescreen and have had issues with the compile window in the past. It was too big when epub was selected and the buttons fell under the taskbar. Today, that’s no longer the case. I can resize the width, but not the height, but I don’t need to because it’s fitting perfectly within the space above the taskbar.

Hoping that helps to nail down the parameters some. :slight_smile:

My windows scaling is 150%. This bug was still there in the beta 23.
With the Esc key, I can close the complie window (that I don’t see), so I can continue working in scrivener.

A clarification that may help developers identifying the issue:
I noticed that the problem with the disappearing window only arises when using a theme other than the default one. I could replicate the problem with the “dark mode” and “gray matter dark” (I didn’t try the others). Trying the resize the “duplicate & edit format” window when using these themes chases it off the screen.

However when using the default theme, the window seems to work as intended. It can be resized and you have access to the save/cancel buttons.

I’m using Version: Beta (676099) 64-bit - 08 Sep 2019

Great programme though! I loved version 1, and version 3 makes it even better. Good luck with the final stretch before it is released.

Working on, the problem is still there.
I had to revert to the default theme, thank you @spamt for the tip.

Even with the default theme it is impossible to resize a “Duplicate Format & Edit Layout” window.
The ESC key is not working, only Alt + F4 does. Did not find the shortcut to save yet.
I use a 150% magnification on my laptop otherwise it’s unreadable.

This is true for me as well with Beta 30 and a screen that is 768px tall.

I will continue to write using one of the other themes, but when I know i want to mess with the compile styles, I can switch to the default.

Still needs to be fixed for the other themes though.