[LH3948] Edit Format in Compile Menu Problem

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OK. I don’t know how to describe this problem but I’m going to do the best I can by just taking you step by step through what is happening. I’m in a project in Scrivener. I have a few of my own formats saved. I’m attempting to edit one of my formats but that particular window keeps vanishing when I try to resize it so I can see the save button but Scrivener thinks it’s still open so I can’t do anything else. The only way to get out of it is to end Scrivener in my task manager.

I go to compile
highlight the format I want to use (mine is called Outline for Printing)
Click the gear button at the bottom and select Edit Format
The edit format menu comes up and I can make the changes I need but the window is too big and the save button is off screen.
I go to drag and resize it and the window vanishes but Scrivener thinks it’s still open. It’s like it has shoved it off screen but I can’t seem to get the normal methods for shifting a window back on screen to work.

Some notes:

I’m on a Windows 10 64 bit PC
I’m running the latest beta
I can resize the width by dragging the sides but if I get anywhere near the top to drag and resize the window vanishes.

I did do a search for this bug but there were so many threads I couldn’t find anything that matched this exact issue.

I would be glad to like film my screen as it’s happening if that helps.
I’ve tried this in several projects so it’s not just one project this is happening in.

Hi IvyNelson,

What is your current Windows Scaling set to?


This has been filed. Thanks.