[LH3959] Compile to docx is ignoring options


I’m compiling to docx. My text has smart quotes, and em dashes.

When I compile, I have replace – with — checked.
I have checked:

  • Remove comments
  • Remove annotations
  • Remove trailing whitespace from document
  • Remove text color

Nothing else.

The resulting docx. has:
All — replaced to – (the opposite of what’s intended)
All smart quotes changed to straight quotes.
(also, no stiles. But I don’t know it that’s a bug, or the expected result).

That one’s a known bug.

I compile to docx regularly. I also have em dashes and smart quotes, and they come through fine. I’m not sure what to suggest, but they do work for me. Any chance that the problem is in Word?

Hi perezbalen,

Does this occur in other formats as well? Or only when compiling to .docx?

It happens in .doc and .rtf and as well.

.epub exports headers as class=“scrivener6”, or something, but no h1.

.scrivener6 { margin-left: 0em; text-indent: 8.5px; margin-bottom: 0em; margin-top: 0.75em; margin-right: 0em }

And it’s still happening on Beta, which I believe is a Release Candidate.

This has been filed. Thanks.