[LH3964] Compile bugs in Beta 42

Compile doesn’t focus on the selected Compile Group properly:

a) lists other compile group Front & Back Matter in the Content List
b) lists compile group roots in the Content list when “Include text of containing group” is unchecked

In each case above, the Beta doesn’t behave like Mac Scrivener 3.

Can you please provide screenshots of the differences that you spot comparing the Mac and Windows compile content pane with each option. Thanks.

Here’s a view (Mac) of the relevant Binder items … Print front matter for three Compile Groups: Divided Minds, Dragon Wings, and Universal Mind. The first two are books in a series, and the last will be the omnibus.

Here’s what I see (Mac) in Compile Contents with Compile Group = Divided Minds treated as complete manuscript with the “Include text of containing group” unchecked. The “containing group” folder doesn’t appear. Neither do OTHER folders in Front Matter (Dragon Minds or Universal Mind).

Here’s the same thing in Windows Beta 44. Identical project. Items in boxes shouldn’t appear, since either (a) they’re not in Front Matter->Print-> Divided Minds or (b) one of them is the “containing group”, which (on the Mac at least) is removed by unchecking the box mentioned earlier.

If you think the Mac behavior is wrong, change THAT … but the two platforms should behave in the same way.

Thanks, for the images! They show that Scrivener has a problem with the Front/Back matter, when you “Treat compile group as complete manuscript”. I have added this to our bug tracking system, and hope to have it fixed for the next update.

Meanwhile you can select the dedicate Front/Back matter book folder, instead of the root “Print” folder, to workaround the problem.