[LH3985] [Beta 22] Hard to use unstyled paste in footnotes

I have reported this before, and it’s hardly crucial, but when you insert a new footnote it is highlighted in the Inspector panel, but you cannot do an unstyled paste directly into it. Weirdly, you can start typing straight away, or you can hit Ctrl-V, but Ctrl-Shift-V does not work: you have to take your hands off the keyboard and use the mouse to click in the new footnote before you can do the unstyled paste.

Can confirm: (1) the behaviour described is by no means what a user expects, so quite annoying; (2) it seems essential—at least for people producing some kind of research.

I am afraid I could not reproduce this. Can you please provide more info about how you create the notes and the steps, including the shortcuts that you trigger. Using Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Shift+V works out of the box with a new comment created with a shortcut Shift+F4.

Well, I have a shortcut Alt+Shift+F for inserting a Footnote, so:

I press Alt+Shift+F somewhere in the text; a new Footnote appears with a cursor blinking within. I can start typing in the new Footnote immediately. Also I can insert the clipboard’s content there by pressing Ctrl+V. But when I press Ctrl+Shift+V (which seems to be the most useful action here) nothing happens.

If I use menu Insert > Footnote instead of the shortcut, nothing changes. In both cases, I have to double-click inside the Footnote with my mouse, only then Ctrl+Shift+V command becomes available.

Simply cut some text from your document, hit Shift-F5 (the default insert footnote shortcut). A new footnote is created in the Inspector which is highlighted. If you start typing, the words appear in the footnote (as expected). If you hit Ctrl-V (normal paste), the text you cut from the document is pasted (as expected). But if you hit Ctrl-Shift-V (unstyled paste), nothing happens. However, if you click in the new footnote and then hit Ctrl-Shift-V, the text you copied is pasted (unstyled, as expected).

Comments work as expected, i.e. Ctrl-Shift-V (unstyled paste) works exactly as it should, with no extra click; only footnotes have this problem.

BTW, just started a brand new blank project to double-check that there was nothing weird about my current one: same result.

Thanks, I managed to reproduce it and this will be fixed in the next release.

Great! Thanks.

Just downloaded and installed Beta 23 and can confirm that this has been fixed successfully. Many thanks!