[LH4020][LH4338] B38. Layout, points, twips, et cetera

The ruler is much closer to accurate. However, the algorithm is still a little off (by a few percent)

Here’s a pic. This is in 12-point Courier New, which should have 10 characters per inch (exactly).

In 8" on the ruler, we have 77 characters.
This is way better than before, at least in terms of characters per inch (in prior versions, we had perhaps 60 charaters in 8").
It’s still off (by 3 characters of the expected 80, which is… ~4% of the expected character pitch).

Usable page width, however, is now way off. Evidently a letter-sized page with 1" margins now has 4 7/8" of writable area?

Here’s a pic to demonstrate this (related) issue:

This is page view. Letter-sized paper is 8.5" x 11", and 1" margins should make the page view area 6.5" wide. I’m guessing the page calculations weren’t adjusted yet in the new algorithm.

The Page View ruler and page size has been fixed and will be available in the next update.