[LH4022 | LH4023] Two problems with Find by Formatting

This was using the Find by Formatting option from the drop-down list next to the magnifying glass icon for search at the top left of the Scrivener toolbar.

First, after using that feature once, the pop-up Find by Formatting panel reverts to just white space and a title, as you can see from Untitled1.png. The only way I found to clear it and get Find by Formatting to work again – once – was by exiting and restarting Scrivener.Untitled1.png

During the one time the feature lets you specify formatting, the drop-down list lower center of the pop-up Find by Formatting panel doesn’t work properly. As you can see in Untitled2.png, I selected “Style” in the top drop-down list, and “Block Quote Grey” from the drop-down list in question. And, as you can see, that second list continues to show “No Style” afterwards. If I click on the Next button, it actually does find text formatted as specified. So the problem is merely that the text box doesn’t update to reflect the list item I selected.

“Block Quote Grey” is a style I created, but it doesn’t matter what I select from the list. The text box shows “No Style” regardless.

These have been filed. Thank you.