[LH4032] Facing pages no longer working? (

Hi All,

I haven’t used the beta version in about three months, but when I reinstalled the current version, the “use facing pages” in the compile menu no longer creates recto/verso pages in the output (all pages are recto). Is this a bug, or did something else change in the program? Is there another setting someplace I have to change?

I am under compile - edit format - page settings - checkbox “use facing pages”
(inside margin .75, outside .5)


As far as I know, it never worked, even in previous versions. It’s related to this bug.

Interesting. It worked for me in the January/February 2020 timeframe. It’s what I used to publish my print book. I had to do work arounds for the feature that was supposed to put chapters only on recto pages, but the margins themselves worked.

The bug affects different file formats differently; perhaps you compiled to a different format previously? I believe going straight to PDF works better than to RTF or DOCX. If that isn’t working for your needs, though, I’d suggest compiling to a format you can open in a word processor and manage the headers from there for now.