[LH4034] Import of 1.9 project to latest beta doesn't read all snapshots

Recently I tried the latest beta with a larger project that was originally written with Scrivener 1.9. After importing and converting the project I learned that for some documents (scenes) the text of all snapshots is not displayed when clicking on the snapshot name. I checked the new snapshot folder and its subfolders just to see that all the snapshot files were there. The only difference between subfolders where snapshot files are shown and those where they are not is that the former contain a file named ‘snapshot.indexes’ while the latter do not.

Is there any way to fix this bug?

Edit: I just found out that this conversion bug seems to be caused by differences between file naming. While the filenames of the actual files are converted to a format like ‘2018-10-02-02-33-55+0200.rtf’, the corresponding entry in the index.xml file looks like 2018-10-01-02-33-55+0100.rtf. So this must be some inconsistency in the date parsing process.
When I correct the file dates in the index.xml manually, every snapshot is displayed.

Do you still have the backup of the 1.9 project that was made when you updated the project? Does attempting to upgrade that again cause the same issue? And finally if so, can you submit a copy of the backup to us at win3beta@literatureandlatte.com? Just post a link to this thread in the email.

Thank you for your help with this.

I have a similar problem. Based on the OP’s post, I looked at my snapshot files and index files for a project I’d converted a long time ago from 1.9 to the 3 beta. Snapshot files from 1.9 end in 0400.rtf, those from recent snapshots have 0500.rtf. I’m in the Boston time zone, so I’m -0400 from UTC. So I think the Scrivener calculation is off in beta 20. Just a guess. As the OP suggested, I could rename files or edit the index files to get the snapshot texts to appear, but that would be a temporary fix, I think.

I know this is not much help to the developers, but I wanted to ostrt this information while I was thinking of it.

Correction to my earlier post.
The snapshot files from Betas prior to 20 have 0500 in the filename; those from Beta 20 have 0400. (In my previous post I had it reversed.)
So, for example, here’s the filename of a snapshot file:
And here’s the Date element in the index.xml:

2018-08-13 16:43:55 -0400

If I manually change the index.xml Date element to the following, the snapshot shows up in Scrivener:

2018-08-13 16:43:55 -0500

I hope that helps clarify the issue.

Following up on my previous post. I have several projects that I converted from 1.9 to 3 Beta. I’m not able to view all the snapshots in Beta 21. In the index.xml files, some entries have -0400 and some -0500 in the element. Those two numbers relate to the Eastern Time zone I’m in. -5 is during Standard Time; -4 is during Daylight Savings Time.
I haven’t tested extensively, but it seems that the snapshots taken during Daylight Savings Time do not displain the UI currently – even though currently we are in Daylight Savings Time here.
Is it possible the version 3 Beta does not take Daylight Savings Time into consideration when loading snapshots into the UI?
I hope this provides a clue.

I’m posting another followup in order to say that I still have this problem in Beta 23. See my previous posts in this thread for details.

Thanks. This has been filed.