[LH4037] No headers when compiling documents in beta 22 / RC2

As per the title, instead of my headers I get <section_title> when compiling with RC2.

Tiho has a test project that shows the issue, I’m about to email to him a PDF generated from that project that shows the issue.

Still not fixed in beta 23

You don’t need to report this when the beta is updated. Simply check the new version’s release notes to see if the bug number is listed as being fixed. You can find the bug number in the subject line of the forum thread – the [LHXXXX] number.

If it’s not listed, then it’s not been fixed and the developers are still working on it – no report needed.

If it is listed as fixed, then try the behavior. IF it’s fixed, great! No need to report it. If, however, you see something that makes you believe the fix is not in place (or not complete), then post something in the appropriate thread with the bug number.

Thanks for telling me what I should be doing. :unamused:

I’ll be happy to follow a logical procedure when all bugs logged are indicated by a bug number in the title (as you can see, this one isn’t, like many others) and if someone from the team contacted you if they can’t reproduce it. Often, you have to report over and over again before the assumption that it’s user error goes away. Just as often, the team finally posts suggesting “you only have to change that setting”, when that’s not the cause for the behaviour.

I have had a few bugs like this completely ignored, until posting repeatedly about it got the devs to consider that it might be a bug after all, and fixed it after I had provided more information to allow them to reproduce a behaviour that they couldn’t reproduce initially.

Until then, I’ll stick to my method which is to test all the bugs I’ve reported when a beta is released, confirm if each bug is fixed if it was logged, and if a bug, like this one, has not been logged with a number, I’ll just post that it’s still not fixed because there is no way to know if it’s been logged but a number wasn’t added to the title or ignored because the team assumes it’s user error, has missed it or has forgotten about it.

So please keep your patronizing advice to yourself, and if you really want to give advice, ask the team for more consistence in the way bug reports are logged, and better communication with the beta testers when they can’t reproduce a bug that is reported, such as this one.

Leaving a bug report without any reply for weeks, and without a bug number, repeatedly, leads users like myself to post every time a beta is released and the bug isn’t fixed, because we simply have no way to know what is happening behind the scenes with this report.

Believe me, I have better things to do, and I’d love to be confident that once a bug is reported, I can simply wait to see it logged, be confident that if the team can’t reproduce they will post and not ignore it, and once it’s logged, patiently wait for its number to be reported in the changelog (which is by the way what I do once a bug is logged).

Can you please tell me how you would do this with this report, which has no bug number and has not received any replies (apart from your utterly unhelpful one) in weeks?

By the way, I’m fine with this process, it’s a small team and there is a huge amount of work. I have a good communication with the team whenever it happens, including with the devs, but I don’t appreciate patronizing posts such as yours. They really don’t help. :unamused:

Hi Manni,

What compile format are you using? (Default, Manuscript, Custom?)

Hi Bryan,

The compile format doesn’t seem to matter, but you can try with any of the custom compile formats I’ve sent you and Tiho already with my test projects.

Here are my headers settings for my first pages (the issue is the same on all pages):

I can put text in my headers and footers, and that works.

I can put page numbers in my headers and footers (as $p), and that works (if I set the settings correctly).

But <$sectiontitle> gives me “<$sectiontitle>” in the appropriate place. It does not give me the section title there.
While checking the Windows Placeholders document (at https://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/download/file.php?id=12419), I find no mention of that placeholder, so it’s no surprise that it prints itself like that; it’s not a legitimate placeholder.

<$pageGroupTitle>, however, seems to be not implemented yet.

I find it interesting that a number of these placeholders worked once in the Beta, and no longer do.

It’s clear that the variable is not working, that’s why I reported the bug. :slight_smile:

It breaks compatibility with the Mac version, because as reported I used these all the time in my Mac documents and the section titles print fine with Scrivener Mac.

So yes, it has to be corrected/implemented. That’s why I showed my settings, for the team to check if they have spellt it differently internally, or if it’s not implemented yet at all.

But it definitely has to be in order to keep compatibility with Mac documents / compile profiles.

This has been filed. Thanks.

Thanks Bryan :slight_smile: