[LH4045] links in scrivener (dialog switches protocols)

I am working on the beta of the new scrivener 3 for windows. I added an outside link in my manuscript, and it only offered http://
With the recent changes to google and security, almost every site I have or a client site is with an ssl cert - https//
Really need the ability to choose https or http.

As this is about the Beta, surely it should be in the Beta Testing forum?


Yes, it should. Moved. – Katherine

Somewhat confirming this bug, and an odd behavior by the “Add Link” dialog.

First, I copied the link google.com.
Second, Edit → Add Link…
Third, I see this:

Fourth, click the “file” button, and then the “web” button, and I see this:

Shouldn’t it still use the https:// scheme?

The same link is still in the clipboard, with an “https://” scheme.

Now if I “cancel” and click again on “Add Link…”, it shows https.

Thanks for catching this; the protocol shouldn’t be switching after changing radio buttons. This has been filed.

As for the default web protocol, as mentioned above, this changes based on the link on the clipboard, so it’s not usually necessary to manually switch it (barring the bug). Sites also often automatically redirect http to https as needed. I have passed on the suggestion to Keith (since this is a design question and not specific to the Windows beta), but there is already the option of selecting “No Prefix” to enter the address exactly as you want it, so that’s currently the way to handle this if typing the URL directly.