[LH4051] Font Rendering Issue

  1. When the focus falls in a paragraph, the font rendering changes. Check the image for more info.

  2. (Not related to the first one.) There is still a problem with the paragraph spacing and line spacing.


Looks like what I’m seeing: Pseudo-bolding of current paragraph

I’m glad you posted a pic!

The effect stands out more at lower font sizes. I had to jump right back to beta 14 :open_mouth:

Does it happen only when you have “Highlight current line” enabled or with any paragraph?

For me, turning off Line Highlighting makes the problem go away.

Only when “Highlight current line” is enabled


Will there be a solution for this issue?


We are aware of the problem, Krastev, but I am afraid the fix is not easy we have more urgent issues to fix. This bug is inconvenience and happens only when line highlighting is enabled, so I am afraid it will be targeted post official release. I have added it to our bug tracking system too.

The line and paragraph spacing is fixed.

Thank you,