[LH4071] Beta 25: Inconsistency with previous betas in dark themes

When I open project bookmarks in the inspector, now them appear in a light theme; they were coherent with the theme until beta 24. Is this new behaviour intentional? N.B.: I use “Solarized dark” theme.

Another question: may it be possible to change themes “on the fly”, without having to restart Scrivener each time? If someone wants to experiment with themes, this is quite an annoyance.

Yes, in Beta 25 we did adjust the Bookmarks background, so we might have introduced a bug here. Please, upload a screenshot and we will investigate this further.

It is not possible to avoid restarting Scrivener upon changing a theme. Some of the theme options can be applied at runtime, but many options can be applied only upon start up.

Please, have in mind that the Bookmarks Background color can be adjusted via File > Options > Appearance > Colors > General > Bookmarks Preview Background.

In previous builds this color option was not taken into account at all, so we might need to adjust the color themes too.


And there’s a double bug, I suppose. I found that option and I used it; I adjusted the background to match the general background theme; when I closed Scrivener then relaunched it, it was white as in this little screenshot.